K1 Bedtime routines

K1 have been learning about bedtime routines. They were able to discuss some of their own bedtime routines and they understood why it is important for them to do these activities before bedtime.
This inspired us to create our own bedtime routine posters. The students each had their own poster where they stuck pictures of themselves doing their bedtime routines such as cleaning their teeth or reading a bedtime story.
They were also asked to put the routines in order and place them onto their posters. This enabled them to understand why it is important to have a structure to their bedtime routine and this allowed them to use their thinking skills.

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K1 - letter ‘S’

K1 have been learning about the letter ‘S’. They were able to recognize the uppercase and lowercase letter S/s and they practiced tracing/writing the letter S/s.
This inspired us to create our own letter ‘S’ strawberry. The students coloured in the paper to resemble a strawberry and they used black paint to place dots onto the letter S.
This allowed students to practice their hand and muscle movements whilst also using their imagination.

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The Frog Prince

Year 2 Blue role-played ' The Frog Prince' and practiced their performance and team work skills.

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Year 1 - Woodland habitat

Year 1 students made their very own Woodland Habitats in shoeboxes with real world materials picked from outside such as acorns, twigs, flowers and leaves! They then chose and stuck their favorite woodland animals in 3D.

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K2 Reptile Eggs

K2 have been learning about reptiles as part of the theme ‘Why don’t snakes have legs?’.
Students created their own reptile habitats in shoes boxes using sticks, leaves, rocks, grass and bark. Afterwards students went on hunt around the BYIS campus to find their own reptile egg!
Students discussed that reptiles lay eggs and will often hide the eggs to keep them safe. Students had to look all around to find the eggs. Once they had found them they placed them in their shoe box habitats and cared for them. We will have to wait and then see what will hatch from the eggs!

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Valentine's Day is here again.
Students made their valentine's cards by colouring, writing a sweet message and adding some cutout hearts into their cards.
This activity allows students to learn about different holidays around the world as well as using their imagination and crafting skills.

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