Pyjama Day

😊Say YAY to Pyjama Day!
Today was the coziest day at school. Our students and teachers got out of bed and went to school with their jammies.
Lots of cuddles to everyone who participated in our event today. 🤗

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K2 Ice Painting 2022

K2 has started a new theme of ‘What can you see in summer?’. During the first week, students created their own art using frozen paint. Students expressed themselves creatively by using different colours to paint over their canvas.

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How High Can I Jump?

During the Develop stage of the Nursery's theme 'How high can I jump?' The students explored different sports equipment by speaking about what it can be used for. The students also used the equipment and learned how to use it correctly.
The students could kick, throw and hit balls for muscle development and hand-eye coordination. The students also expressed themselves by using some of the equipment in a different way.

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Book Character Day 2022

Book character day @BYIS 📖
💫It was great to see our students and teachers dress up as their favorite characters from books they love.
It was a lot of fun! There was so much creativity and obvious love for reading!
📌The goal of this activity is to instill the love of reading in students and improve their reading skills by allowing them to express themselves creatively.

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Book Reading

To engage students with our new theme, K2 had a student-led lesson. Students were free to choose between reading story books on the soft mats or playing with play dough in an ice cream role play. Students developed their reading skills by reading simple story books and beginning to introduce a narrative to their role play.

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Songkran Festival 2022

Songkran Festival at BYIS💦
Here are some snapshots from our Songkran activities. The students had a great time with traditional Thai games and other exciting activities related to the festival.

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