K2 Types of reptiles

K2 students talked about the reptiles they had been learning and some of their characteristics. They were then introduced to some more types of reptiles.

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Year 2 Ahoy Pirate

Ahoy There! We've found treasure!
Year 2, dressed up as pirates to find captain Longbeards treasure that he had hidden in the school.

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K1 nocturnal animals

K1s have been learning about what happens when they fall asleep.
They were introduced to nocturnal animals, animals that only come out at night.
The students were then able to use their new knowledge and some clay to create their very own animals including owls, squirrels, hedgehogs, and foxes.

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PE Hola hoops exercise

Students had lots of fun dancing, running, and jumping through the hula hoops during their PE class.

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K2 Numeracy cube and cone

Revised the properties of the cube and cone.
Constructed their own cubes using clay and wooden sticks. Students could count the corners, faces, and edges of the cubes. Also, understand that a cube is a 3D shape and this means objects can be placed inside.

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K1 Number activity

K1 students started to make their own spider number 8 where they used paint and made some spider legs.

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