Science laboratory

The Science Laboratory provides the space for investigation of new scientific skills and research that tests learners existing knowledge through real-world application.


Our ICT Lab supports the development of 21st century learning.


Our library is an environment to develop literacy skills and nurture the love of reading.

Beacon Town

The Beacon town is a space for children to learn through engaging role-play and sensory activities to stimulate socialization and collaboration.

Art room

This creative space is filled with all the necessary tools to awaken the Picasso or Da Vinci within our learners.

Music room

Our Music room is fully equipped with a variety of instruments to provide our learners with a rich experience to develop their musical talents and interests.


The gymnasium gives our learners plenty of room for a wide range of activities to develop their physical skills.

Swimming pools

Our clear blue pools allow learners to develop their physical and safety skills.

Free play space

Our free play space is designed to encourage creativity and imagination in line with our play-based teaching methods.

Cooking Room

Our cooking room encourages learners to have fun and be creative.

Nurse's room

Our nurse's room is staffed by a qualified nurse who provides primary care, First-Aid, and initial nursing assessments as needed, as well as monitoring the daily health and well-being of our learners.


Meals and snacks

We use high-quality contractors to cater all meals and snacks and provide our learners with balanced nutrition to support active learning.



We provide a safe and secure bus service. Each school bus has a teacher to monitor the learners.

Memorable experience

Every theme we take our students on educational visits to places of interest in and around the Bangkok area.

Security system

Our security system provides a safe environment for students.

Health check-up

All students get a full annual health check-up.

Student Insurance

We provide general acident insurance for every student.