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Gym for kids

กิจกรรมเสริมหลักสูตร Gym for kids (อนุบาล)



" ฟักทองสามารถนำมาทำอะไรได้บ้าง? "

นักเรียนห้องเตรียมอนุบาล1/1 ทำโปรเจคเกี่ยวกับฟักทอง หัวข้อ " ฟักทองสามารถนำมาทำอะไรได้บ้าง? "



“ Little Grocery Store in K 3 ”

“ Little Grocery Store in K 3 ”
We aim to bring real life situation in our fun interactive lessons.
This lesson we learn how to ask and buy the things we want at a grocery store. We have 4 stalls with each of the stalls selling different things. Each stall will be occupied by one student that will be the seller so that any of the other students can come and buy from the stall. We will also be working with fake money to buy and sell so they are going to have to work out the amount they need to pay.
This is a very fun project to help our students progress.




Theme: Why is water wet?
Level: K1 - English Programme
Stage: Engage Stage
Activity: Germination
Activities like this promote discovery and learning. Science activities play a crucial role in the on going intellectual development of children. This activity teaches kids the importance of water to the growth of the seed. They can observe how the seeds will grow as they continue to water them.



Colorful Rain

Theme: Why is water wet?
Level: K1 - English Programme
Stage: Innovate Stage
Activity: Colorful Rain
This activity is a great way to promote creativity among children. It creates an outlet for them to express what they like and what they feel. Since this activity uses a spray bottle, it puts the tiny hands of the children to work and it strengthens their muscles as well. This activity shows children what rain looks in an umbrella.



Dress Me Up Activity

Nursery 1/2:
"Dress Me Up Activity"
The students are expected to identify the clothes such as pants, t-shirt and dress. It aims to develop collaboration, creativity communication, and critical thinking among the students throughout the activity.
Station 1: Wash and rinse the laminated clothes, then put them on the clothes line to dry. (collaboration and communication )
Station 2: -Decorate the clothes; dress, pants and t-shirt using sequins,pieces of paper and paint. Then, put the decorated clothes on the right paper dolls. (creativity and critical thinking)