Project-based learning


for P.1 – P.6 at BYS

BYS strongly upholds its mission to be an innovative bilingual school that empowers 21st century learning. In line with this, BYS proudly presents the Project-Based Learning approach in this academic year to our primary classrooms, which plays a big role in building the 21st century learning.

Project Based Learning (PBL) is a teaching approach that enables students to learn by actively engaging in real-world and meaningful projects. It unleashes a creative energy among students and teachers, upholds their learning that is deep and long-lasting, and inspires their personal connections to their learning experiences. PBL can be transformative for students, especially those furthest from educational opportunity. Now more than ever, BYS constantly strives to prepare our students for the world that exists around them.

BYS adopts the seven essential elements of Project-Based Learning from the Buck Institute Education in Napa, California. These elements are based from a comprehensive research to help our teachers calibrate their implementation.


Students engage in projects by responding to challenging problems or questions.


Students engage in a rigorous, extended process of finding and analysing resources and information available.


Students engage in projects that involve real-world tasks and tools, which relate to personal experiences and interests as well as current issues of the world.


Students make decisions in projects, including how they work and what they create.


Students and teachers reflect on their learning through inquiry and project activities. They discuss the obstacles that arise and strategies for overcoming them.


Students provide and receive feedback to and from their peers and teachers to improve their public products.


Students present their public products to audiences both internally (peers, teachers and parents and externally (government officials, businesses and etc).

เมื่อท่านเข้าสู่เว็บไซต์นี้จะบันทึกข้อมูลการใช้งานเวปไซต์ของท่านไว้ในรูปแบบของคุกกี้โดยนโยบายคุกกี้นี้จะอธิบายถึงความหมาย การทำงาน วัตถุประสงค์ รวมถึงการลบและการปฏิเสธการเก็บคุ๊กกี้เพื่อความเป็นส่วนตัวของท่าน