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    ระดับชั้น Nursery-Year7

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Beaconhouse Yamsaard International School (BYIS)

Beaconhouse Yamsaard Group is one of the leading bilingual and international schools for boys and girls aged 2-18 years. BYS is dedicated to providing 21st Century Education to our students. Our curriculum is a blend of content knowledge, life and career skills, and ICT literacy. Our teachers have integrated the four C’s of 21st Century Education in their unit teaching (creativity, critical thinking , collaboration, and communication) into the framework of our core academic subjects. Thus, we prepare our students for their entrance into global society, and enable them to compete at international level.



'What is a reflection'

K2's current theme is 'What is a reflection', and as part of their Cornerstones engage field trip th...

BYS Intra-Campus Sports

BYS Intra-Campus friendship game. Sport-Fitness-New Friends-Fun!


During the Express stage of learning we see our students develop articulation, reflection and confid...

“Why Can’t I Eat Chocolate for Breakfast?”

Still on the theme “Why Can’t I Eat Chocolate for Breakfast?”, Nursery students had a blast explorin...

Year 2 Express Stage

  SCA Thailand members came to BYIS Year 2 as part of their Towers, Tunnels, & Turrets Cornerstones...

Year 5 Science learning engagement at F&B International

Year 5 Science learning engagement at F&B International.