Online Learning at BYIS

Online Learning at BYIS 🖥
Here are some snapshots of our online classes. We are so proud of our community for an amazing start to the school year!
😀Have a great school year, full of exciting learning and adventures!

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Year 2 march!

Keep calm and march! Year 2 practiced marching for 6 weeks and this is the outcome! What a beautiful day and a beautiful march!

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Health Training

Last week, our teaching staff were busy preparing for the opening day of Term 1 on the 23rd of August. Both new and returning staff are all very excited, and extremely delighted to be back!
📌 As part of our continuing commitment to providing quality services to our community, Nurse Karen provided in-house health care training to our teachers. The training will ensure that our staff can provide basic first aid during emergencies and carry out basic health protocols to protect against COVID-19.

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Nursery bubbles

Students investigate rainbows as they create bubbles and discuss what they observe.

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Nursery music time

Nursery students had fun exploring instruments and making music.

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Year 5 Stargazers

Year 5’s Theme: Stargazers
Students had fun showcasing their theme’s project – rocket and rocket launcher during the express stage. They had invited other students to witness their rocket launching and be amazed by Science. Before the presentation, they did research about rocket design and rocket launching and studied how to build a rocket launcher and decorate a water bottle to be a rocket.

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