Year 5’s Theme: Stargazers
Students had fun showcasing their theme’s project – rocket and rocket launcher during the express stage. They had invited other students to witness their rocket launching and be amazed by Science. Before the presentation, they did research about rocket design and rocket launching and studied how to build a rocket launcher and decorate a water bottle to be a rocket.

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Crazy Hair Day!

BYIS hosted a crazy hair day, and what a fun day we had. There were so many creative hairstyles from Christmas trees with lights, to sugar-coated doughnuts and even Barbie dolls. The students had so much fun comparing their hair to each other and exploring what hair their friends had! Great effort students and we look forward to next time! and discovery!

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K1 Where do squirrels hide their nuts? (2)

"Music is the strongest kind of magic "
Year 2 visited Vintage studio and learned all about how sound engineers operate their soundboard. We were able to hear quality live music and listen with concentration.

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Morning coffee with T. Belle

Coffee Morning with Y1 Parents☕️
Our BYS School Group Head, Ms. Belle Ipanag, conducted an interactive parent workshop on “Reading Strategies to Get Kids to Love Reading.” She shared various support strategies to help parents encourage and teach reading at home. She also featured the reading resources available at BYIS, such as the internationally recognized “Raz-kids” reading application.
😀 It was a morning filled with learning and discovery!

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K1 Where do squirrels hide their nuts?

For Kindergarten 1's new theme 'where do squirrels hide their nuts?' we took the opportunity to explore the outside habitat of a squirrel and then have a fun activity at the end. The students were able to walk around the school grounds collecting leaves and sticks that they then glued to a cardboard squirrel tail. Once this was dry, the students played a game of pinching the tail on the squirrel where they were blindfolded and with help from their friends, they had to stick the tail on the correct part of the squirrel. This was a great activity using the skills: moving and handling, communication and language, while also working their fine motor skills. Great Job! exploring what hair their friends had! Great effort students and we look forward to next time! and discovery!

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Nursery Technology play

Students enjoy exploring the iPads appropriately during technology play.

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