K1 is exploring the concept of 'hard' and 'soft'.

K1 is exploring the concept of 'hard' and 'soft'.
In this lesson, students were able to explore their surroundings and find some things that are hard such as trees, sticks, and bricks.
Students are able to differentiate between hard and soft objects by exploring and using their senses of touch and feel.

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Spring bonnets

K1 has been exploring their project ‘Are eggs alive?’
The students have been able to explore the seasons, especially Spring.
K1 was able to learn about the many animals they could see in spring such as butterflies, ladybugs, and beautiful flowers.
The students were able to create their Spring bonnets by using their motor skills, exploring some new vocabulary and some things and animals they have been able to see and find in Spring.

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On-site learning at BYIS

On-site learning at BYIS🏫
We're back in full swing! We're happy to see our students back on campus.
A BIG ‘THANK YOU’ to our teachers, students, and parents for your full cooperation with our enhanced COVID-19 preventive measures.
We are ALL in this TOGETHER! 🙏

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Onsite Re-opening at BYIS

Onsite Re-opening at BYIS 🏫
We are delighted to see our students back on campus!
We are glad to see our community has adjusted to the enhanced COVID-19 safety protocols to ensure the safety of everyone.
A Big 'THANK YOU' to our teachers, students, and parents for their support and commitment to ensure our smooth onsite re-opening.

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Year 2 Towers, Tunnels, and Turrets

Year 2 created castles to protect ' The Three Little Pigs' from the big bad wolf during project week for Towers, Tunnels, and Turrets.

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Sunshine and Sunflowers

K1 has been learning all about being outdoors. Our new ILP 'Sunshine and Sunflowers' has allowed K1 to explore their gardens and find so many new things within them.
In this activity, the students learned about planting seeds and taking care of them resulting in some lovely new additions to their gardens.

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