The BYSL campus celebrated "World Environment Day 2022". The event aims to raise awareness on various environmental issues such as pollution, global warming, sustainable consumption and other ways to protect our planet. 🌎
To mark this year's World Environment Day, students created slogans and posters and put on an eco-friendly fashion show - all using reused and recyclable materials. ♻️
🪴We are doing our bit at BYS Ladprao, what about you?

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Discover the joy of learning through play at BYSL. 💫
As part of their play-based learning activity, our K.3/3 students became archaeologists for a day. They carefully dug and searched for fossils. Fortunately, they found some dinosaur fossils. 🦕🦖
After they found the fossils, they studied them more closely to record the details of their physical features.
Way to go, K.3/3!👏
 Math is fun! 🧮
Our K2 students had fun learning how to count by counting seeds. 🍉
At Bysl, we make Math easy and fun for our young learners.
Great job, K2!
Grow your own lawn. 🪴
As part of their ILP lessons, our K2 students have been learning about the things they see in the summer. Our young leaners enjoyed their planting activity with T. Peter, T. Franklina and T. Harriet.
It was a day of discovery and joy for our young learners! 💫
Keep calm and LOVE READING! 📖
On May 25, 2022, our Primary Department launched its special phonics and reading sessions for Primary 1 and 2 students.
📌 The goal of these sessions is to develop our students' reading skills and to instill in them a love of reading. These sessions will be held every Wednesday for the 2022-23 school year.
💫 We can't wait to see their reading progress!

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