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We are so proud to show our newly painted kindergarten building.
We also have a new sensory pathway that our students will get to play and enjoy! 🎨❤️
Our heartfelt THANKS to our teachers and staff for putting so much effort into making our kindergarten building more beautiful and vibrant.
BYSL Kindergarten rocks!
Online learning at BYS Ladprao is in full swing!
Our amazing teachers continuously find ways to make our online learning more fun and exciting for everyone! A HUGE THANK YOU to our BYSL community for your continued support.
Let’s all stay safe and healthy. We all look forward to seeing you back soon at our campus! 🙏🥰

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"Why Do Lady Bugs Have Spots?"

K2/2 Immersion Programme
Theme: "Why Do Lady Bugs Have Spots?"
Express Stage:
The students learned about caterpillars and butterfly and their life cycle and how they change from caterpillar to butterfly.
The students carefully created a craft to show how the caterpillar (toilet roll) will change to a butterfly once you add wings. The students then spoke about their butterflies and how they looked when they were caterpillars vs how they looked when they were butterflies. Some students even named their butterflies. After the students presented their butterflies we went to play with them outside.