Primary 1-6 Programmes

Our academic programmes follow the Basic Education Act of B.E 2551 (Revised edition 2017), as prescribed by the Ministry of Education. These programmes include the English Programme and Extra Programme. As part of these programmes, our teachers apply the essential elements of Project-Based Learning (PBL) in their teaching, which draw from the Buck Institute Education in Napa, California. These elements are based from a comprehensive research to help promote our students’ intellectual skills, thinking and motivation; for example, students are able to engage in meaningful and real-world projects, to find and analyse resources and information, to connect with their personal experiences and interests, to make critical decisions and to reflect on their learning by asking questions and receiving feedback.

English Programme (P1-P6)

This programme is endorsed by the Ministry of Education, and we aim to provide students with knowledge and skills through a holistic approach.

The core subject classes of Mathematics, Science, English, Health Education and P.E. are taught in English, while Social Studies, Moral Education, Information and Communication Technology, Music, Physical Education, and Thai are taught in Thai. Each classroom has two teachers: an international teacher and a Thai teacher.

These are some of the advantages of attending the English Programme:

1. 50% of core subjects are taught in English.
2. All our international teachers are qualified and competent.
3. Active learning strategies are integrated in the curriculum to promote critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration for example, Project-based learning (PBL).

4. Our students gain knowledge from hands-on exploration, practical observations, and interactive experiences.


เมื่อท่านเข้าสู่เว็บไซต์นี้จะบันทึกข้อมูลการใช้งานเวปไซต์ของท่านไว้ในรูปแบบของคุกกี้โดยนโยบายคุกกี้นี้จะอธิบายถึงความหมาย การทำงาน วัตถุประสงค์ รวมถึงการลบและการปฏิเสธการเก็บคุ๊กกี้เพื่อความเป็นส่วนตัวของท่าน