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Mrs. Tarinee Thamvoharn

Beaconhouse Yamsaard Hua Hin School

"我们在双语环境中提供国际化的教育标准,这在华欣学校中是独一无二的。我们是班武里府(Prachuap Khiri Khan)省内第一所在2014年获得剑桥认证的学校,此后只有两所学校获得认证。我们创新的课程在道德和文化价值与21世纪取得成功所必需的知识和技能之间取得平衡,从而使我们的学生能够过上富有成效和幸福的生活。"

"It has been a privilege to watch the school grow and develop as it commits to become an innovative bilingual school. The implementation of play-based learning in the Kindergarten department and project-based learning in the Primary and Secondary departments has cultivated our students’ skills in creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking. These academic projects allow them to learn and explore the world through authentic life experiences. Each task provides an opportunity for the students to develop teamwork, IT literacy, self-reflection and independent problem solving. As the world and its demands have changed over time, BYS has made sure that our students are equipped with 21st century skills and knowledge to be successful citizens of the global community."

Ms. Camilla Leighton - Morris

International Principal
Beaconhouse Yamsaard Hua Hin School