Beaconhouse Yamsaard School Hua Hin in cooperation with Hua Hin Red Cross is conducted a health check-up at 08.30 in the morning on the second floor of the admin building. The check-up is focus on students’ general hygiene, vision (far/near sightedness) and dental health,  The schedule is:
-Pre-Kindergarten - Primary 2 : Wednesday July 22, 2020  

-Primary 3 - Secondary 1        : Thursday July 23, 2020 
Secondary 2 - Secondary 6    : Friday July 24, 2020

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Safety protocol in the morning at BYS, Hua Hin. Students and parents have their temperatures scanned and alcohol gel applied to their hands. Parents are requested to drop their children off in the lobby. Kindergarten students are escorted to their classrooms by teachers on duty. Thank you for your cooperation.

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