Mrs. Tarinee Thamvoharn

Beaconhouse Yamsaard Hua Hin School

"We provide an international standard of education in a bilingual environment, which is unique among Hua Hin schools. We were the first school in the Prachuap Khiri Khan province to be accredited by Cambridge in 2014, and only two other schools have gained accreditation since then. Our innovative curriculum balances the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the 21st century with moral and cultural values, thereby empowering our students to lead productive and happy lives."

"It has been a privilege to watch the school grow and develop as it commits to become an innovative bilingual school. The implementation of play-based learning in the Kindergarten department and project-based learning in the Primary and Secondary departments has cultivated our students’ skills in creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking. These academic projects allow them to learn and explore the world through authentic life experiences. Each task provides an opportunity for the students to develop teamwork, IT literacy, self-reflection and independent problem solving. As the world and its demands have changed over time, BYS has made sure that our students are equipped with 21st century skills and knowledge to be successful citizens of the global community."

Ms. Jobel Policarpio Salvador

International Principal
Beaconhouse Yamsaard Hua Hin School

เมื่อท่านเข้าสู่เว็บไซต์นี้จะบันทึกข้อมูลการใช้งานเวปไซต์ของท่านไว้ในรูปแบบของคุกกี้โดยนโยบายคุกกี้นี้จะอธิบายถึงความหมาย การทำงาน วัตถุประสงค์ รวมถึงการลบและการปฏิเสธการเก็บคุ๊กกี้เพื่อความเป็นส่วนตัวของท่าน