Yamsaard School was founded in 1984 by Khun Thamrong and Khun Prapai Yamsaard. The original Yamsaard School was built in Soi Ladprao 26, and it continues to cater for students from Kindergarten grades 1-3 (Anubarn 1-3). With the growing number of students in 1988, our second school was constructed in Soi Vibhavadi 20 for primary school students, grades 1-6 (Prathom 1-6). In this phase of development the English Program and Extra Program (National Standard Plus) were established, and many extra-curricular activities were developed.

    In 2002, Yamsaard School Rangsit joined our growing Yamsaard School Group. It caters for students from Kindergarten grades 1-3 (Anubarn 1-3), grades 1-6 (Prathom 1-6), and grades 7-12 (Mathayom 1-6). The school is located on Swaipracharart (Khlong 4), Rangsit (Nakhon Nayok Road, Pathum Thani province).

    In 2007, Yamsaard School Group established Yamsaard School Hua Hin bilingual school as an extension of its educational excellence. Today, it caters for students from Kindergarten grades 1-3 (Anubarn 1-3), grades 1-6 (Prathom 1-6), and grades 7-9 (Mathayom 1-3).

   After thirty years of schooling experiences, the Yamsaard School Group has grown to have over 3,000 students. We have produced students with outstanding academic results and placed our graduates in the best secondary schools and universities in Thailand.. Our schools offer innovative academic programmes that satisfy and reflect the needs of each child and lead him or her to the greatest intellectual development. While doing this, we also prepare every child to be a loving member in the global community.

    The Yamsaard School Group continues to anticipate the importance of educational services through which students can seek out the best quality of education. Therefore in 2014, the Yamsaard School Group merged with the Beaconhouse School System, one of the largest school networks in the world, and we are known as the Beaconhouse Yamsaard School Group.

   Established in 1975 by Mrs. Nasreen Kasuri, (Beaconhouse Chairperson), the Beaconhouse School System has grown and given education to over 260,000 students worldwide. With a presence in nine countries (Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom), the Beaconhouse School System has provided education in line with a broad-based approach and has attained international standards.

   In addition to our three Yamsaard Schools, we are pleased with the addition of our new school under the Beaconhouse Yamsaard School Group, called the Beaconhouse Yamsaard International School. It is a newly opened, full-fledged International School in the Pattanakarn area of Bangkok.

    All Beaconhouse Yamsaard Schools are certified for their high educational standards. Our schools also received a commendation for their quality of education from the Office of Educational Standards (SorMorSor) and Royal Honours from His Majesty the King in both 1993 and 2012.



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