Immersion Programme
(K1 - P5)
Age : 3-10 Years
Language : English (70%) and Thai (30%)
Avaiable : BYS Rangsit, BYS Ladprao, BYS HuaHin

Kindergarten 1-3:

Students in the Immersion Programme will use English as a first language, this includes more number of international teachers as 

homeroom teachers. This is an incentive which creates an environment for the students to use English in all aspects.

Our academic programmes follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, in accordance with the Ministry of Education’s criteria of 2017. That is, students will be involved with age appropriate academic skills and development in the following areas: 

physical development, emotional, social, intelligence, language as well as communication skills. This would include Mathematics and other subjects of development such as reading and writing, which in effect, will help the students to better understand their environment. Our teachers will apply different teaching techniques such as: 

Active Learning Approach and the Project Approach which will enhance the students learning abilities in line with the 21st Century Education Curriculum which focuses on the four areas of development, namely, communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity. Below are the courses offered by the school:

- Little Scienctists’ House

- Chinese

- Computer

- Swimming Lessons

- Music

- Gym for kids

- Child Development Center

- Field Trip

- Physical Education

Homeroom teachers: 2 International Teachers

Class size: 20 


Primary 1-5:

The Immersion Programme follows the Basic Education Act of B.E 2551(Revised edition 2017), as prescribed by the Ministry of Education. English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health Education, P.E., Swimming, Art, Occupations, Computer, and Guidance are taught in English. Our English curriculum is based on the International Standards. Students are required to use English as a first language. There is an international environment all classrooms in order to promote English communication skills. Extra co-curricular sports activities required 2 periods per week. 

Students are prepared for their O-NET exams as well as entrance exams to bilingual and international programmes in other well-known schools.

Homeroom teachers: 2 International Teachers

Class size: 25