Beaconhouse Yamsaard Schools โรงเรียนสองภาษา โรงเรียนนานาชาติ
About Us
• Established: 2002

• Head of Campus: Mrs. Khuanpit Keawkaew

• Grade levels offered: Pre-Kindergarten to Grade Twelve (Triam Anubarn – M.6)

• Programs offered: Extra Program (National Standards Plus), English Program

• Certified by: The Office of Educational Standards (Sor Mor Sor)
Message from The Principal
“Beaconhouse Yamsaard Rangsit School has implemented participative management policies. We ensure that our students develop skills in the areas of communication, critical thinking, creativity and technology literacy in accordance with 21st century learning.  We foster a moral intelligence in our students and we teach them life skills which put them on the path towards a happy and healthy life.”
Pre-Kindergarten 1 - Kindergarten 3: Students learn English as a second language through storytelling about their interesting daily events that are happening around them. The purpose is to create confidence among students in the use of the language for communication which includes, listening, speaking, reading and writing. Phonics teaching is also included in the programme to improve the students’ pronunciation. Our academic programmes follow the Early Years Foundation S
Age :2-14 Years
Language :Thai (90%) and English (10%)
Avaiable :BYS Rangsit and BYS Ladprao
IPST ENRICHMENT SCIENCE, MATHEMATICS, ENGLISH AND TECHNOLOGY PROGRAMME This programme is designed for students who have skills in science, mathematics, English and technology and who plan for science and research careers. It also complies with Department of Education policy with emphasis on the innovative education. The programme is supported by the Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST) and the Office of the Private Education Commission. Class Size – 25 Stude
Age :12-13 Years
Language :Thai (90%) and English (10%)
Avaiable :BYS Rangsit
Kindergarten 1-3: Students in the Immersion Programme will use English as a first language, this includes more number of international teachers as homeroom teachers. This is an incentive which creates an environment for the students to use English in all aspects. Our academic programmes follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, in accordance with the Ministry of Education’s criteria of 2017. That is, students will be involved with age appropriate academic skills and developme
Age :3-10 Years
Language :English (70%) and Thai (30%)
Avaiable :BYS Rangsit, BYS Ladprao, BYS HuaHin
English Programme provides students with 50% of instruction in English in Math, Science, English Language Arts, Health Education, and the remaining 50% is covered in Thai in Social Studies, Moral Education, Arts, ICT, Music, PE, and Thai Language Arts.
Age :2-9 Years
Language :English (50%) and Thai (50%)
Avaiable :BYS Rangsit
Beaconhouse Yamsaard School Group’s facilities ensure a healthy, safe, and appropriate school-learning environment for every student.

School Canteen

The school provides a hygienic canteen with good air circulation and clean, sturdy tables and chairs in accordance with Health Department codes.


At the playground students are having fun as well as benefiting from physical activities. Playgrounds also provide essential experiences and development in areas as diverse as social skills, creativity, problem solving, reasoning and more.

Language Learning Center

At Beaconhouse Yamsaard Schools, learning a second language has been found to increase the creative output of the students as well as their cognitive abilities. It has been established that learning a second language assists in helping our students understand other cultures from the world and increases their global awareness. As children become adults, they will live and work in a society that is considered to be global.

Ball Room

Our Ball Room is safe and appropriate for young children. There are slides, ball pit, ladders, and etc. Students are able to exercise and improve balance and hand-eye co-ordination as well as develop social skills and increase self-confidence.

Swimming Pools

As swimming is one of the best sports and a fun activity, we have provided at each campus a 25 meters long pool. Swimming helps for physical fitness as well as mental strength development. Children also learn about safety in the water which can be lifesaving.

Football Fields

We have provided a football field at each campus. Participating in football gives many benefits for children such as improving their speed, agility, strength including social skills.

Tennis Courts

We have provided professional tennis courts at certain campuses. Playing tennis gives many benefits such as physical and mental development including life skills.

Golf Driving Range

Physical activity is vital to a child development. It enhances physical, social and emotional health. Golf is a great sport in which students can practice their ethics and integrity. It also reinforces all the basic development skills in young children such as hand-eye co-ordination.


Our libraries support school programmes as well as the teaching and learning process. They serve students by providing materials to meet their various needs and encouraging reading and the use of libraries. Our students read to discover for themselves by independent study and learning how to ask questions.

Beaconhouse Yamsaard School Group strives to design our extra-curricular activities in which students are motivated to develop their 21st century skills.

Technology Integration

Technology integration is the use of technology resources in daily classroom practices, and in the management of a school. In recent years, Thailand has launched its Educational Reform with principles aiming to develop the potential of information and communication technology. The intention of the government towards this reform is to build and prepare Thai students for a culture where the information and communication through the use of ICT are important for the development of future education.

Music Lessons

Music enhances all areas of child development such as language, emotional intellectual and overall literacy.

Ballet Lessons

Ballet involves a great range of motion, coordination, endurance and strength. It also improves flexibility and muscle strength and tone. Emotional development such as self-discipline and self-confidence are motivated as well.


Benefits of taekwondo include physical strength and balance as well as coordination. Taekwondo techniques also require concentration and focus on self and the opponent’s moves. Practitioners gains self-confidence, self-discipline and respect once they see their personal progress and increasing mastery of art.

Track and Field

Physical activity is a regular and important part of our daily school life. Students are encouraged to participate in sports such as track and field.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming can help students build confidence, master a fun activity for both play and sport, and learn safety in the water, which can be lifesaving. Moreover, swimming can give students an intellectual and developmental boost as well.

Tennis Lessons

Tennis is an ideal sport for children to learn early in life. It promotes psychological and physiological development such as cognitive, intellectual, social capabilities, general body coordination and motor control. Children can apply these skills to real life situations.

Golf Lessons

Golf is one of the sports in which players are coached to respect ethical behavior and integrity. Everything in golf requires coordination of several different muscles and the brain has to make it work together.

Mandarin Chinese Lessons

China is the second largest economy in the world. Studying Mandarin Chinese and related subjects is a huge advantage.

Mad Science

We believe that the teaching of Science offers students the ability to access a wealth of knowledge and information that will contribute to an overall understanding of how and why things work like they do. Mad Science offers a daily combination of in-class discovery and exploration, outdoor games and physical activities, and hands-on applications of the scientific principles presented. Students will be able to touch, see, hear, smell and taste what science is really all about.

True Click Life

At Beaconhouse Yamsaard Schools, we have worked with staffs from True Corporations to establish the integration of technology in students’ learning. Future generations will need to compete with the growing trends of a technologically driven society that relies on computers to perform daily tasks. We believe that the classroom is a good starting point for people to learn how to use these complex machines. For example, if students learn word processing skills and how to navigate computers and the

  • Technology Integration
    At BYS Rangsit, we believe in using technology integration in the classroom. In the 21st century, the function of classrooms and learning need to be adapted and altered to mesh with what students bring to classrooms. This is why our school has provided the iPad Integration Program which students use iPads in their core classes such as English, Science, and Math. This is to enhance and engage students in their learning processes.
  • Security System
    Our security system enables education in calm, safe conditions, where students can learn and teachers can teach with minimal disruption. BYS Rangsit has installed and provided alarm and CCTV systems. During school hours, we provide continuous on-site monitoring and recording through each camera, creating a fully secure environment.
  • Meal Plan
    We offer healthy meal plans which enhance five groups of food nutrition. Here is the example of the menu we provide to our students.

    - Chicken over rice

    - Vegetable soup

    Dragon fruit Milk Sago palm

    Chicken noodles

    Cantaloupe Milk Kaw Tom Mud

    - Steamed fish with    rice
    - Vegetable Soup

    Watermelon Milk Kanom Kai
    Thursday Chicken macaroni Sago palm with corns Milk Sago palm
    Friday Rice with eggs and pork in brown sauce Grass jelly with syrup Milk Tong Pub
  • Transportation
    BYS Rangsit provides bus service to students on more than 60 school buses every day. In every school bus, there is one teacher monitoring the students and the driver carefully. Every school bus is equipped with a GPS system that allows us to locate the school bus in real-time. Parents can trust in our service’s safety and punctuality.
  • Health Check-Up
    Students at BYS Rangsit will get a full health check-up once a year by doctors and nurses from Rangsit General Hospital, a renowned hospital in Rangsit area.
  • Scholarship
    Our principal likes to see her students succeed in their academic careers. Therefore, she offers academic scholarships for students who get 85 percent of scores on midterms and finals. 5,000 baht will be given to students who score 85 percent on midterms and finals of five subjects, and 2,000 baht will be given to students who score 85 percent on midterms and finals in one subject.
  • Student Insurance
    BYS Rangsit provides general health insurance for every student on campus. Our insurance provider is Siam City Insurance, which covers from basic injuries to accidental death.
Step 1 : Visit the School
Step 2 : Complete the Inquiry Form
Step 3 : Complete the Application Form
Step 4 : Schedule the Assessment/Family Interviews

Additional documents required for enrolment:
Student documents

  • Transcripts (Grade 9 and up)
  • Photocopy of Thai National ID card or passport
  • Photocopy of birth certificate (Thai students)
  • Photocopy of residence certificate (Thai students)
  • 1 digital color photo (passport like)

Parent documents

  • Photocopy of Thai National ID card or passport
  • Photocopy of residence certificate (Thai parents)
  • 1 digital color photo of each parent (passport-like)
  • 1 digital color photo of each parent who has permission to pick up the student

Entry Requirements and Placement

    BYIS accepts students of all nationalities. We evaluate each applicant to determine acceptance and appropriate placement. Previous school records are reviewed and considered in determining placement, so that students are placed at their appropriate instructional level.

    Students are invited to visit and spend some time exploring the school environment and getting to know our experienced staff. On the strength of this visit and the earlier visit with the Principal, places are then offered and acceptance invited.

    Although the majority of our students are fluent in English, some students are accepted into the school with very little or no English. Our English support teaching ensures that non-English speakers are readily integrated into the classroom learning environment.

Parents and guardians of new pupils are required to complete and submit these documents:

Registration Form: To be completed by the parent or guardian.
Photographs: Three recent passport photographs of student.
Photographs of parents who are taking care of the student.
Student’s Birth Certificate: One copy of student’s birth certificate
House Registration Documents: One copy of student’s house registration (only Thai students)
Parents’ ID Card: Copies of parents’ Thai national ID cards (Thai students)
Copies of parents' passports (Foreign students)
Recent School Records: Copies of transfer records from previous school(s)
Health Form: Including detailed information related to allergies, medication and dates of vaccinations.

NOTE: All new students must undergo a basic health/medical check before they start school.

1. คลินิกอาสาเพื่อพัฒนาการอ่านโดยใช้แบบฝึกการอ่านและนิทาน กรณีศึกษา : เด็กชายบี ชั้นประถมศึกษาปีที่ ๑

2. การพัฒนาทักษะการใช้ภาษาอังกฤษของนักเรียนชั้นประถมศึกษาปีที่ 2/7 โดยใช้กิจกรรมหน้าเสาธง โรงเรียนบีคอนเฮาส์แย้มสอาดรังสิต ปีการศึกษา 2559

3. ศึกษาเปรียบเทียบผลสัมฤทธิ์ทางการเรียน ระหว่างวิธีการจัดการเรียนการสอนด้วยการบรรยาย และวิธีการจัดการเรียนการสอนด้วยการบรรยายควบคู่กับการทาการทดลองรายวิชา ชีววิทยาเพิ่มเติม 3 ระดับชั้น มัธยมศึกษาปีที่ 5 ภาคเรียนที่ 2 ปีการศึกษา 2559

4. ผลของการวิเคราะห์คุณภาพของข้อสอบ วิชาคณิตศาสตร์ ชั้นประถมศึกษาปีที่ 6 กลางภาคเรียนที่ 2 ปีการศึกษา 2559

5. การประเมินหลักสูตรสถานศึกษา ปีการศึกษา 2559

6. การพัฒนาความสามารถในการแก้โจทย์ปัญหาเรื่องเศษส่วน ของนักเรียนชั้นประถมศึกษาปีที่ 4 ด้วยการจัดการเรียนรู้โดยใช้เทคนิค KWDL